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Since people depend on their mobility to complete their daily routine, suffering from hip, knee and ankle pain is something people are likely to take seriously. The causes of pain in the foot or leg are as variable as the people who suffer with them – however, the majority of these aches can be sorted into just a few categories.

Injuries :

Common injuries such as a meniscus tear, ankle sprain or hip fracture are obvious causes of pain in the knee, ankle or hip respectively. While in many cases, surgery and other medical interventions are necessary, it is also quite common for alternative therapies to be used in conjunction to these procedures and as part of the rehabilitation process.


Though there are over 100 kinds of arthritis, it is generally considered one of the most common causes of joint pain. If arthritis is the root cause of your pain, there are a number of non-invasive treatment options, including physical and occupational therapy, that can vastly improve your quality of life.


Another very common condition causing pain in the joints is bursitis, caused by inflammation in the fluid-filled sacs adjacent to joints and their connective tissues. Often bursitis attacks must be treated with anti-inflammatory medications, and sometimes with antibiotics. Those with bursitis can also benefit from a therapeutic program of exercises and specific stretches designed to improve both the strength and mobility of the affected area.

Joint disorders:

Many people live a long, active life without realizing they actually have a joint disorder. For some, the disorder will cause occasional pain in no particular pattern for years before a healthcare professional can determine the real cause. Osteoarthritis, dislocating knee caps, hypermobility, gout and osteonecrosis are just a few common disorders that can cause hip, knee and ankle pain. Some disorders, like hypermobility, change over time and are easily managed with the help of our solid sports medicine team.

Some of this information might seen startling, but in reality, only a small number of hip, knee and ankle pain is the result of a condition serious enough to merit an invasive medical procedure. In general, adding strength-building exercise along with a targeted stretching program can do a world of good.

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